Frequently asked questions

Can you treat my injury?

We can help you with majority of headache, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, arms, chest, back, lower back, groin, hips, legs, knees, feet problems. If you are still not sure about it, you can have a chat with our physiotherapists through our free message consultation. And if we determine that your condition is not suitable for telerehabilitation/ online consultation by a physiotherapist, we will refund the cost of consultation and refer you to someone who can help you!

Do I need a referal from my GP?

No! You don't need a referral to have a physiotherapy consultation with us.

Will you tell me when I need to see a GP or a real physiotherapist?

Definitely! We are here to help you to recover as quick as you can! Therefore whenever you require to see a GP or need some hands-on assessment or treatment, we will notify you immediately.

How can you diagnosis my condition without hands on assessments?

All Physiotherapy assessments start with a 'subjective assessment', in which the Physiotherapist will ask you a well-structured series of questions designed to discover what they need to know about your injury (without touching you). By the end of the subjective assessment, our experienced physiotherapists should already have a very clear idea of your probable diagnosis. The physiotherapist will then ask you to perform some tests to conform this diagnosis. This process should clarify your diagnosis. If we are ever unsure of your diagnosis, we will not hesitiate to refer you to an on site physiotherapist or GP.

How can you treat me without touching me?

Our physiotherapists have a wide knowledge base on different self reliefing techniques, so you have the oppourtunities to do your physiotherapy treatment to relief your discomfort/ pain at home anytime you want. And also our physiotherapists always aim to provide high quality evidence based treatment to every client. Therefore, we'll provide you a detailed explaination of your condition, what you can expect on your journey to recovery. And we will provide you an individualised exercise program with HD videos and instructions on how to do it properly that you can access easily on your smart phone. Once again, if we feel you have an injury that requires "hands on" Physiotherapy, we will let you know!

What should I expect from the treatment?

We know that telerehabilitation is very new to everyone, we are going to film on "how telerehabilitation works and what you should expect from it" soon. But for now, in short, you can expect a well trained physiotherapist giving you professional advice and education on the way of recovery. So you can recovery as quick as you can, and prevent any future complications with a low cost.

How do I pay?

We do secure payement through wix payment. So you can pay easily on the website. And becuase we offer bulk billing for Bupa's memeber, we will teach you how to enter your bupa detail and pay with Hicap Go through your mobile phone.

Can I get health insurance rebate for telerehabilitation?

Insurance companies are starting to provide rebates for online health consultations in some circumstances. E.g. Bupa can claim telerehabilitation provide by physiotherapists. Or ask you travel insure/Australian private health insurance provider if they are happy to provide rebates for online physiotherapy consultations. We can provide a receipt for you to issue to your insurance company.